Asher (2018)

ASHER (2018)

Documentary | 45 min | USA
Director: Mani Mehrvarz
Writer: Asher Beasly
Music: Daniel Bordovsky
Cinematography: Mani Mehrvarz
Art Director: Maryam Muliaee
Animation: Maryam Muliaee

During her time as a student-athlete in college, Asher was in pursuit of her lifetime dream to become a professional track and field athlete. While trying to make that dream come true, Asher had come to places in her life where she made life-changing decisions that led to her spiritual battles. After a suicide attempt, Asher began to unravel the deep-rooted pains she was holding onto. She was inspired to tell her story, and unleash her silence, after meeting her documentary class teacher, Mani Mehrvarz. Together they bring light to issues such as abortions that take place with female-student athletes, single-motherhood, and suicide. This film a message about hope, and that hope lets us see that there is light despite all darkness.