Fight for Good (2021)


post-production (expected January 2021)

documentary | 15 min | USA

Director: Mani Mehrvarz
Director of Photography: Matthew A. Nardone
Art Director and Researcher: Maryam Muliaee
Interview: Naila Ansari and Mani Mehrvarz
Camera Operator: Joe Blodgett
Audio: Michael Bouquard
Photography: Brett Roedel
Gaffers: Mark Pasqualotto and Kash Costner

Fight for Good is a documentary that tells the story of real-life community-based health care center in Buffalo, New York.

“We know that after difficulty, comes ease. In this moment, we have an opportunity to envision a new reality of ‘justice for all’ with the proper guidance, actions, language, and the spirit to breathe together,” says Dr. LaVonne Ansari who is the Chair of the Community Health Care Association of New York State and the CEO of the Community Health Center of Buffalo (CHCB).

Today, societies all around the world are at the mercy of a virus that knows no rank and no title. However, several vulnerable communities such as some racial and ethnic minority groups including the communities of color are facing some of the greatest challenges in the face of the coronavirus pandemic. The pandemic has propelled the conversation in America about racial inequities in health and what can be done in the future, especially in terms of healthcare service and leadership. Taking the camera to the space of a primary care health facility in Buffalo, this film portrays the black woman leadership and retells the stories of communities of color in Buffalo in time of the pandemic. In a conversation with Dr. Ansari and other doctors, staff, and patients, the film presents some of the challenges and invaluable leadership and services that the CHCB has been providing to the underserved community in Buffalo.