video submission

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Please submit your video, preferably between three-five minutes in total length.  Videos must not contain any graphics, credits, titles or music.

How to shoot selfie video

These tips will help you make a high-quality video. Feel free to improvise and disregard a conventional style if it helps you deliver your message more effectively.

When using a smartphone or tablet

Shoot with your phone camera horizontal. Try to hold it steady. The closer you are to the phone, the less shaky the video will appear, and your audio will be clearer too.

You’ll need a good background

Shoot outside facing the sun so that the light brightens up your shot and isn’t behind you. If you shoot inside, use a room that’s well-lit with lots of natural sunlight or lighting (being conscious, once again, of the camera direction).

Avoid noise

Choose a quiet room and shut down all programs and devices that make sounds. Speak directly into the phone if possible and stand as close to it as possible to get the best audio.  There should also be no copyrighted music in the background.

Frame up the shot

Frame yourself in the middle of the screen so that there is not too much space above your head (headroom). 

Dress for the camera

The best clothing option for on-camera is a solid-color. Choose a primary color instead of patterns or prints. Jewel tones and pastels are better than white for the camera. Don’t wear jewelry that moves and makes noise.