With an extremely important and present political message, the film, through the dramatization archeology of media, shows us the deep roots of neoliberal exploitation.
The compositional structure of the film equally emphasizes the poetic-typographic, musical, graphic-animation treatment of the structure, in comprehensively successful experimentation with form.
— The Unforeseen – International Experimental Film Festival


This striking film provides welcome opportunity to meet the musicians of the Buffalo, N.Y. ensemble, Wooden Cities; and see its artistic and educational mission come to life through a series of interviews, rehearsals, and an extended, animated performance. Recommended!
—Jeffrey Stadelman (composer)


The documentary is an intimate and sensitive look at the professional new music ensemble, Wooden Cities. This young ensemble of musicians’ musical gifts are substantial, and their political convictions are admirable. The film orbits around the ensemble’s rehearsals of a Frederic Rzewski’s composition entitled The Price of Oil, which carries an environmentally important message. A wonderful example of the confluence of art and politics.
—Cort Lippe (Composer)


This film shows how making music makes a difference and how making a film about it may truly be the only answer to those who would rather make war. When a film emulates the subject and the art it brings to life, and when music is about life, you get a film that works. Watch WORK, and be moved. Be moved to action.
—Carine Mardorossian (professor of English)


“[Wooden Cities’] playing is brilliant. I’m rather familiar with Eastman’s Stay On It and I’m impressed with this realization, which is true to the original yet taken to another level. Big thumbs up.”
—Jan Williams, percussionist