Bubbleman (2018-ongoing)

Bubble Man (2018-ongoing)

Documentary | Database Cinema | USA

This database cinema project explores the story of Buffalo’s long legend known as Bubble Man from the perspectives of the community.

Blowing bubbles just for pure joy for more than twenty years, Bubble Man still remains an enigma for people of the city. He blows bubbles from the above of one of the apartments in Allentown in downtown Buffalo, and when people are waiting at the light crossing the Elmwood from Allen, they can see the bubbles appear in their view. Some people believe that it has to happen by chance and no one never knows if they see the bubbles when they get there. However, everybody in the community agrees that this randomness and unpredictability has made it fun and special.  In this film, BDP talks with the community in the neighborhood who share their joyous experiences of seeing the bubble-filled sky at the Allen/Elmwood intersection. The stories turn out to be diverse and interestingly, each person projects unique imaginations to complete telling the story of the Bubble Man.

Please note: this is an ongoing project and BDP accepts stories people love to share with the audience. If you would like to participate and share your stories, you can send us your images, videos, or stories in text or simply record your voice to send for us through email (buffalodocumentary@gmail.com). Those who contribute will be mentioned in the film credits. With an algorithm, all the contributions will play in random order on our website.